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I will be relocating to Tuscon, Arizona in the near future so have closed my office in Colorado Springs. Once I am able, I will re-open a new office in Tuscon.

About Myofascial

Fascia is a "tough" connective tissue that runs from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet covering our entire body. Fascia forms a three dimensional web throughout the entire body forming an intricate net within us. Certain areas are thicker and tougher then others. Fascia surrounds and infuses every part of our body from bone, muscles, blood vessels, spinal cord, internal organs and even down to the cells. Because of this connection between all of the systems, Fascia can affect every system in the body.

Function of Fascia

  • Supports the body
  • Creates movement
  • Stabilizes
  • Connects
  • Makes muscles "glide"

Why Treat Fascia

Fascia "constrictions" are often caused by chronic poor posture, injury, inflammation, surgery, trauma and stress. Since Fascia is a continuous system in the body, Fascial "constriction" in one area can pull on other areas creating new "constrictions". These "constrictions" can create pressure in muscles and organs which leads to a poor exchange of toxins, an accumulation of lactic acid and uric acid and eventually even more pain. Fascia "constrictions" can have an impact on the structure and function of the entire body.

MFR for Pain Release

The goal is to remove Fascia "constrictions", restore a state of balance in the body and to create optimum function and performance.

How is Fascia for Pain Release different than massage

Whith Fascia for Pain Release there is no gliding, sliding or lotion used. The therapist holds a restricted area with her hands in a "stretch", allowing the hands to melt the "constriction". In a sense, "permission" is given from inside tissues for softening to happen. In order to release Fascia "constrictions", the stretch will be held for 5 minutes.

Other Resources

If you would like more information about Myofacial here are some of my favorite Websites and books of interest to understanding Myofascial Release.

Websites by John F Barnes, PT (my Mentor): &

Books by John F Barnes, PT (my Mentor): "Healing Ancient Wounds" & "The Renegade’s Wisdom".

A book called "Touching Light" by Ronelle Wood (website I love this book which is written in a matter so that clients can understand what fascia is about and what it does in the body. She has many QR codes you can click on if you have a smart phone with a QR reader with amazing videos to help you understand the importance of fascia in our body and what can happen when the body is under stress or has gone through injuries or trauma, creating chronic pain.

Finally, a book called "What's in your Web" by Phil Tavolacci (MSPT, PT).

About Me

Marie-Louise See, RN, LMT

I have worked as a registered nurse for many years and have worked in hospitals, clinics and the private industry.

I have been a certified yoga teacher for over twenty years and have taught at hospitals, private settings and had my own studio for 15 years. I became interested in massage 17 years ago and became certified here in Colorado Springs with Colorado Springs Massage Therapy school CIMT. I have specialized in prenatal massage and Maya Abdominal massage and became very interested in "myo fascia" work and started studying with John F Barnes taking his training in this very exiting body work. You can find out more about him and fascia by going to

I was born in The Netherlands and have lived in America for many years. Originally I lived on the East coast then moved to Colorado Springs 17 years ago to be closer to family, having one son in Crested Butte and another Tucson AZ with a wife and three grand children.


Myofascial for Pain Release massage


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I will be relocating to Tuscon, Arizona in the near future so have closed my office in Colorado Springs. Once I am able, I will re-open a new office in Tuscon.






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